Development and Public Procurement Office - Powiat Słubicki

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Full name


Room/ Telephone number


Paweł Kowalczyk

Główny specjalista ds. inwestycji i zamówień publicznych

(95) 759 20 14


Aleksandra Waniorek-Domańska

Podinspektor ds. rozwoju i współpracy zagranicznej

(95) 759 20 14


The main tasks:

1) searching for partners for joint implementation of projects financed or co-financed from external sources and presenting proposals in this regard to the Starost and the Management Board,

2) handling matters related to the execution and settlement of projects,

3) coordinating activities related to international cooperation, including the organization and participation in meetings and projects conducted as part of agreements concluded with local communities of other countries,

4) providing interpretation during meetings and correspondence and other materials from German and English into Polish and vice versa,

5) handling matters related to the implementation of district investments, including their planning, costing, preparation of documentation and permits, opinions and approvals, monitoring of the investments, providing investment supervision, participation in acceptance commissions,

6) handling matters related to awarding public procurement contracts.