Department of Real Estate Management - Powiat Słubicki

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Full name


Room/Telephone number


Anna Śliwińska


(95)  759 20 39


Helena Pawłowska

Podinspektor ds. gospodarki nieruchomościami

(95) 759 20 40


Henryk Górnik

Podinspektor ds. gospodarki nieruchomościami

(95) 759 20 40


Kalina Hryniewicz

Podinspektor ds. gospodarki nieruchomościami

(95) 759 20 40


The main tasks:

1) recording the resource of real estate and mapping its use,

2) carrying out the sale and acquisition of real estate,

3) preparation of information, reports and analyses concerning real estate management, lease on immovable property, rent, lend, as well as burdening with limited property rights,

4) transformation of perpetual usufruct right to the property law and sale of perpetual usufruct to the perpetual users,

5) calculation and update of fees for permanent administration and perpetual usufruct,

6) outsourcing geodesic works and property valuation,

7) granting ownership of land plots conferred by lifetime use,

8) submission of applications for the establishment of the land registry and the entry in the land register,

9) handling cases related to the protection of agricultural land and exclusion of the land from agricultural production,

10) undertaking activities related to the legal regulation of real estate

11) granting authorization for the establishment, conduct and performance of real-estate-technical equipment and temporary occupation of real estate.